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Welcome to Bikestore Berlin!

Passionate about urban cycling and the unlimited freedom that comes with it, Bikestore Berlin was established in 2012 to provide Icelanders with a range of classic bikes and innovative bicycle accessories to feed the ever-expanding urban cycling revolution. We see cycling not only as a form of exercise but as a way of life, a stress-free, no fuss way of getting from A to B and we are doing our bit to encourage more people to use their bikes more often! Here we show you an overview about our products for urban cycling.

The classic everyday bike is increasingly gaining importance. Previously rather disregarded, its reputation has changed towards an indispensable lifestyle product. We are sure that the classic Pashley, the loveable REID bikes, the stylish Achielle bikes or our own BERLIN brand bikes will impress you as much as us.

With the new fashion line of urban cloths you are well-dressed for any occasion; whether you use your bike to travel to work, the café or theater. In addition to our lines of urban clothing from around the world we offer a broad range of cycle-friendly accessories and attire. We remain inspired by classic styles and traditional craftsmanship and have taken great care to source European materials and producers wherever possible.

We can only show a small part of our portfolio and would like to invite you to pay Bikestore Berlin a visit. If you have any further questions, please drop us an email or call us, we are always open for a chat.

We are looking forward to see you in Bikestore Berlin!

Team Berlin

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