Its winter already!

Posted on November 05 2015

Winter has come back to Iceland,- once more! But that gives us time for reflection. Time to reflect on the warmer months, of sunny rides, picnics with the family and which place of Majorca to escape to for a dose of vitamin D. However, it is also a perfect time to consider the most important things of all – contact points. Yes, handle bar grips, pedals and saddle.

The three parts of your bike that you will spend an awful lot of time with over the years. It’s easy to get lost in the details of a bicycle, the gears, the rims, the compound of the brake blocks. But the contact points are super important. So, the big news is a completely new saddle from Brooks. Made from rubber and cotton this is a completely new direction, but somehow totally in keeping with their existing design. Its made from organic cotton and rubber (vulcanized in Italy).

Its called the Cambium, which is not a super hi-tech alloy used to make fins for cruise missiles, it’s actually the part of a tree that makes bark. Nice. If you’re eying a new bike or if you are considering a new saddle, you must test one, as the claim is they’re comfortable immediately. They’re a little pricier but are completely weather proof and repairable. As with all Brooks saddles they’re designed to last a lifetime not a season.


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